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St. Olaf, Iowa 52072

Call us at: 1 (563) 245 2642 or email: radmstr@alpinecom.net

We are "A great place to take a leak."



At Radiator Master, we can handle
ANY size unit, whether it be a large Cat/generator unit, a charge air cooler, air condenser unit, hydraulic oil cooler, heater core or even a ATV/4 wheeler radiator, we'll fix your leak!

As a heavy duty qualified heating and cooling specialist,
we take care of our customers. With a 19 year track record, we aim to get your radiator back to you within 72 hours and we warranty our work.

What can we help you with? If you have any of these problems, rest assured we'll do our very best to get you back on the road....


-Industrial radiators, oil coolers, charge air coolers, hydraulic oil coolers
(any size, big or small)
(tractors, skidloaders, endloaders)

We offer American made cores with old time craftsmanship.

Many of the newer vehicles, including your heavy duty industrial radiators, now have radiators that feature plastic tanks/aluminum or brass cores. These can be repaired. Perhaps you have a cracked tank, no problem!
Did you know that 84% of these plastic tanks can be repaired or replaced? Or perhaps you just have a leaking gasket, even better for you, this is a very inexpensive solution to your radiator. YOU DO NOT NEED A NEW RADIATOR! But, if you prefer, we can get you a new radiator, we have 6 different vendors that we deal with, we'll get you the best radiator for your money.

We have a one ton hoist and a skidloader to help unload the HUGE ones.

If you are questioning whether your radiator is "fixable" - do not hesitate to give us a call or, better yet, bring your radiator in so we can visually inspect it and demonstrate what we can do for you!